Report on Simply Jesus


It is not yet ten and already there are long rows of people waiting outside in the sunshine for the 2nd edition of Simply Jesus. The children are welcomed by Benny the Turtle and the enthusiastic volunteers help people find their way. The morning service is started by Dwight Dissels, who played the role of Jesus in The Passion just this past week. The music and vocals team start this day with a bang.

David is speaking this morning. The people in the hall are full of expectation and it is almost tangible. He takes us to John 4:1-14, where Jesus speaks about living water that will bubble up on the inside and give eternal life. David speaks about sharing Jesus, what is the same as the title of his new book that is being released today. This source on the inside of you gives eternal life and flows out to the people around you. Is the source also present in you? When the fountain starts to flow, then we sometimes wait for the right time to take a step. The enemy likes to pull the rug out of under you, just when you think everything is ok. God wants you to see what He sees and the you walk in your destiny and share Jesus with those around you. Do not be afraid of doing that, for His love casts out all fear.

When the morning service is finished, we enjoy a lunch together. The children can get rid of their energy in the bouncy castle or in the soccer-cage and enjoy the treats at the snack stand.

After lunch there is more celebration of Jesus and we dance and sing for who He is for us. In the 2nd service Richard van de Kolk speaks. Richard is the pastor of Hillsong Amsterdam. God’s mercy does not depend on what I have done, but on what He has done. Who do you identify with? “It is not about being better than good, but being available”. The church, that is us. God wants to build His church through us. We love, encourage and show others who Jesus is. We have nothing to prove, but we can give to the people around us. This is how we show His glory in this land.

After a short break the third service starts, filled with passion and worship for Jesus. David shares about the journey from slavery to the promised land. Sometimes you feel ok and you are free from slavery, but you are not yet living in the promised land, but in the desert. Yet the greatest miracles take place here too!

God has a plan for your life. “God does not need supporters, but partners”. We often act like fans: as long as things are going well we are happy, but when the storm hits we get mad at God.

When the going gets tough, we place rocks between us and God. Every situation that is hard is an opportunity to work through, or I can place a rock between me and God. God is love. There is no situation that is worth a wall between you and God. Every wall will be broken down in Jesus’ name!

We close the day with an invitation to all people, whether they attend church or not, to give their lives to Jesus. It is a beautiful sight to see the people go forward and make a courageous decision that will change their life forever! It’s Simply Jesus.