Report of Like Jesus


Put 3000 teens in one location and celebrate? That is what we did today! Because Like Jesus is having its 5th anniversary? Yes! Because LZ7 kick-started the day and people couldn’t stand still? That too! But most of all it was a celebration because that which we had been looking forward to for weeks, took place: Jesus was in our midst!

It is awesome to see how the band LZ7 not only enjoys making music, but is also passionate about teenagers. They travel all over the world to encourage them with the life-changing message of Jesus! Lindz West challenged them this afternoon to never give up. His message made a real impact, because hundreds of teens accepted his invitation and went forward to give their lives to Jesus. A new start for these teens, and for our nation!

During the afternoon session Dwight Dissels, Sonja Silva, Elza Postma and BarberRo were open and transparent about the darkest moments in their lives. Topics such as loss, abuse, bullying and sickness were discussed. That these dark times were not the end for them, but the beginning of something beautiful, was something that really touched the teens. Never before have so many teens (more than 600!) come to the Talkzone for counseling and prayer. Struck down, but not destroyed!

Both the morning and evening session added to the depth that was tangible during the evening meeting, when David spoke about the topic of Freedom. What is true freedom? Is it doing whatever you feel like, as we are tempted to sometimes think? It was such a privilege to see so many teens become convinced that true freedom is found in Jesus! In that freedom they are how God called them to be in this world… LIKE JESUS!

After this amazing day we can truly say: we are ready for Like Jesus 2018!