How it all began

What has now grown into something quite large, started on a much smaller scale, as an invisible desire hidden in the heart of David. God showed him an image when he was just a young boy, making it clear to him that he would tell many people about Jesus. When David went to Bible school at 16 years of age, he spent a lot of time in the surrounding nature. That was when he had his first speaking engagements. Initially his listeners were the trees and the cows, but it was in those moments that David experienced how God responded when His Word was spoken out loud. God reassured him: I am with you and I am preparing you for what is coming!

When David had an increasing amount of speaking engagements in 2004, he decided to start the foundation Go and Tell. The name of the foundation describes his heart’s desire exactly: go and tell the people, as many as possible! Inspired by evangelists such as Reinhard Bonnke, TL Osborn and Tommy O’dell, David and his team organized their first evangelism campaign in 2006 in Africa. You can read how God directed every step and provided everything they needed in several of the books he has written (only in Dutch).