Pakistan september 2019

On Thursday evening the campaign started, interestingly enough, with the national anthem of Pakistan and thousands of Pakistani flags and cell-phone lights that were held up in the air. These people are so proud of their nation, even though it is often portrayed in a negative manner in the news. Many people have asked us whether we were sure about going.

Pakistan is high on the list for persecuted Christians and there is a valid reason for that. Persecution is a daily occurrence. This past week I was able to meet the secretary of human rights, who played a key role in the release of Asia Bibi, who is now safe in Canada. Thousands of people were involved in praying for her release, after she had been sentenced to death.

What is happening here, may be an answer to the prayers of thousands of Christians. Countless people gathered to hear the gospel, to pray and to worship.

So, there I was, a normal everyday guy from the Netherlands. Thousands of Muslims were before me, eagerly seeking the true God. I can show them a little of what He is like, tell them a little about Him. It is too much to take in. It makes me speechless, grateful. Yes, God answers prayer, builds his kingdom and we get to be a part of that.

I would like to thank everyone who continues to support us and helps us to go out to the nations!

Warm greetings from this beautiful nation.

Because of His love,

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell

Yes, I'm joining!

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