From Pakistan to Ivory Coast

12th -15th of December & 27th of February - 1st of March

We have the unique opportunity of organizing two campaigns in the Ivory Coast. The first one will be in Daloa (12th -15th of December). This is a city, which combined with the surrounding villages, has half a million inhabitants. In the spring of 2020, we will be visiting Abidjan (27th of February through the 1st of March). We have been in contact with many church leaders who are excited about joining us in getting the message of Jesus to the people.

 We are used to facing challenges, that is part of the job, but with God’s guidance and your warm support we can face any challenge! In order to finance all of this we need €50,000. – per campaign, with our goal being to reach one person for every euro. Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in the Ivory Coast? Then join us on this journey!

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Campaign December

€ 24,170
van € 50,000

Campaign February

€ 0
van € 50,000