Day 4

Joy that cannot be bought

At the end of the service today, I was just crying and laughing at the same time. I just didn’t know what to do anymore. This morning several of our team went to the churches and so many special things happened.

During my prayer this afternoon I wondered what Jesus would do if He were here physically. I saw that He would give everyone a hug and look them in the eyes and tell them what they are worth to Him. When I shared that tonight, a loud cheer rose to heaven.

Yes, we live in a broken and sometimes painful world, but never believe – because you are in pain or sick – that you are worthless. Sometimes you see people with disabilities who are free on the inside and others who look perfect on the outside but are not free on the inside. Real freedom comes from within!

At the end of the service tonight we prayed for God’s Spirit and that was not without result! Such outrageous joy followed. The joy and peace that cannot be bought anywhere. People no longer stopped singing and dancing. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes. I ended the evening with a blessing. Live images of this are on my Instagram story.

Once again thank you for your involvement in prayer and with gifts. We are already looking forward to the next trip to Abidjan in February.

David de Vos and the Go and Tell team


Day 3

A smile from ear to ear

This morning we ended our conference. Every morning we have the privilege of encouraging the leaders of the churches and pastors in their work. That is so important, as they remain here and continue to build God’s kingdom.

During these meetings I like to tell about my victories, but also about my failures. I really want everyone to be able to identify with something and be encouraged.

This afternoon I sat around the table with the men, who help us with all the technology and transport. In short: we have a lot of challenges and decisions that have to be made. Just pray for us 😉

Tonight was a tougher evening. We always find ourselves literally in a battle. We are therefore fighting the good fight of faith!

Tonight again there were thousands of people who wanted to place everything in the hands of the Lord Jesus. What a precious moment. Beautiful testimonies of miracles followed. Many mothers came to tell that their babies were healed. You can’t imagine a better gift for a mother.

The most beautiful moment of the evening for me was that of a young mother: she is 22 now and when she was just a little girl herself, she lost her hearing in her right ear. Now after more than 17 years, that was restored in one moment.

What a powerful God we serve!

David de Vos and the Go and Tell team


Day 2

Home run!

Joshua Jurjevich and a team have organized our campaign. This week I learned from him, if something really beautiful happens, that you can call it a home run. These words are very fitting for this evening.

The turnout has now tripled and from the start there was such joy. Yes, here too the leaders need some time to get used to me before they can completely embrace me, but after tonight we are all family.

Thousands of people called on the name of Jesus and it is just as if He was there. He has promised: I will always be with you and with His Spirit He is in and around us. How beautiful it is when you can see His presence.

Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks when she received her miracle, we danced together and gave glory to God. Many testimonies followed, it was one of those evenings that I wished you could all be there.

Thank you for your prayers; we enjoy all the likes and reactions of the people at home who follow us and care so much.

See you tomorrow!

David de Vos and the Go and Tell team

Day 1


The road to this campaign was filled with challenges! On the way to Ivory Coast our plane had to make an emergency landing due to a technical problem. Fortunately, everything was not too bad and we were on the road again quickly. Once we arrived in Abidjan, we had many meetings to prepare for our upcoming campaign in the capital next February. In between the meetings we had a car accident which luckily wasn’t too bad, but still.

Our technical crew and soundmen can add their own list of challenges, but again and again, at the end of the day we understand exactly why we are willing to endure all these challenges.

Joy fills the city upon our arrival and when we started the campaign tonight it was a wonderful first evening. The people sang exuberantly and enjoyed everything that happened. The response to the word of God was overwhelming and together we celebrated the many choices that were made for Jesus.

At the end of the evening there were many testimonies of beautiful miracles. We really believe that we were stuck here with our sound equipment for a reason. We can bring the gospel to the city of Daloa.

Do you pray with us for a wonderful week where many people will come to faith and where thousands will hear the good news of Jesus.

Thank you for your support and love for these people here!

David de Vos


Yes, I want to donate for the Ivory Coast

We are used to facing challenges, that is part of the job, but with God’s guidance and your warm support we can face any challenge! In order to finance all of this we need €50,000. - per campaign, with our goal being to reach one person for every euro.

Campaign Daloa - Ivory Coast

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