Campaign Abidjan

27 February - 1 March 2019

Day 4


My heart is filled with gratefulness as I think of the past days! It was not easy and things did not go smoothly, yet it was a beautiful week.

Sunday evening, we closed with a large celebration. The witchdoctor that got saved Saturday evening and was delivered, was sitting next to me on the podium, beaming. His story is now going viral on Facebook. Check it out on our social media.

Sunday evening a mother testified that her daughter had not had any epileptic seizures the past few days. Prior to this they occurred twice a day. But after the first evening of the campaign they stopped! I was able to hold her, and her beaming face says it all.

It was a special trip, for our own children as well. I was able to show them what I do when I am not at home. As I write these words, I am in the airport on my way home. We are grateful, so grateful that we can do this with Jesus.

In just a little while and we will be having a wonderful celebration in our home country. Simply Jesus already has thousands of registrations! I hope to see all of you there and do not forget to bring someone so that God can work in their life too!

Should you want to donate to the campaign, that is still possible. Thank you for your support!

We can only do this work because of your prayers and support.

David and Joyce and the team of Go and Tell


Day 3

Witch doctor becomes a believer!

Saturday night was truly amazing! A young man came up to testify that he had been sent to our field to stop our meetings with witchcraft. Here in Africa those things are quite normal. The spiritual world is much more realistic for people here.

For 12 years he practiced all kinds of magic and witchcraft under the influence of his father, who had even more power. When he heard the gospel, he was immediately touched in his heart! He knew right away: This is for me too! He chose Jesus and became a believer.

While he shared his testimony with us, we prayed for him. The crowd was extremely excited when they heard his testimony. However, the battle was not yet over. The powers of evil, that had held him in their grip for many years, started to show themselves. He was delivered by Jesus in front of everyone! What an awesome God we serve!

Please pray for this young man and for us as we have our last service on Sunday.

Another man testified on Saturday that as he was searching for a miracle, he believed in the Jesus as the Son of God, after having been a Muslim for 28 years!

Thank you for your help to go out again and again!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell



Day 2

Tears of joy!

It is so encouraging to witness how more and more people are coming to listen to the gospel. Thank you for your prayers!

Friday morning we closed the conference by praying for each other while we embraced each other. We have litterally given and received hundreds of hugs. It was a very special time.

Friday evening we witnessed how many people decided to give everything to Jesus! The gospel is universal and works in every heart.

This lady in the picture started to cry because she was so grateful that the tormenting pain in her stomach had finally disappeared!

There was a special story of a father whose child was sick at home. He called his wife during the campaign in faith. While on the phone they prayed together and when he got home his child felt so much better that he asked for food!

Thank you for your support and prayers!

David de Vos and the team of God


Day 1


We have looked forward to this for long, we were full of expectation. Thursday it finally started. Thursday morning we first did the leader’s conference. Joshua, Michiel and I were able to encourage and uplift the leaders.

Every time we go, we literally give everything we have. Our time, our energy, prayers, finances and we are not alone in this. Hundreds of people work hard to make these meetings happen and all with just 1 goal in mind: To exalt the Name of Jesus.

John 12:32 “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” Jesus was speaking here about His death on the cross, but if we show Him to people, then they will be attracted to Him. That is why we are here this week. It a privilege and a challenge.

Several people came up on stage with beautiful testimonies. The first was a pastor with a shriveled hand. After prayer his hand was healed, just like the man in the Bible.

Then a lady came who testified that her vision had improved and as we prayed for her, we saw more things being healed in her body, right there in front of everyone. It was an amazing experience and the enthusiastic responses from my sons in the car on the way back to where we were staying, were great too.

We have started well, but we really need your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell

Yes, I want to donate for the Ivory Coast

We are used to facing challenges, that is part of the job, but with God’s guidance and your warm support we can face any challenge! In order to finance all of this we need €50,000. - per campaign, with our goal being to reach one person for every euro.

Campaign Abidjan - Ivory Coast

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