Campaign Banfora

1-5 March 2017

Day 5

Three brothers, blind and deaf


It was such a grand last campaign evening here in Banfora, Burkina Faso! I think that the testimony I heard on Sunday night was one of the most beautiful I have ever heard during my time in ministry. There was a family of 4 sons, but only one of them was healthy. One of them had gone deaf ten years ago and two others both contracted the same eye disease causing them both to go blind five years ago. The healthy son brought his three brothers to the campaign and Jesus performed a family miracle: the deaf boy could hear again and both blind boys could see again!

You can imagine that the crowd exploded with joy at hearing this good news. Then two more people came forward who had been blind and testified that they were healed. It was a night we will never forget. All glory goes to Jesus, we just stood there and watched it happen!

This campaign was not without it’s own struggles and battles, for the devil hates it when God’s Kingdom becomes visible. But thanks be to God, we once again gained territory for Jesus here on Earth.

The team gave their all, we are tired and want to head home quickly. We can rest for just a little and then our next adventure begins: “Simply Jesus”! I am really looking forward to celebrating the fact that Jesus is alive with you! Thank you for being there for Go and Tell!

On behalf of our team,

David de Vos

Day 4

She received a vision!



The fourth day of the campaign has come and gone and so much has happened this week. On Saturday morning we witnessed a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I asked who felt called for evangelism and all the people knelt down in the small church. God started to move in the hearts of the people.

On Saturday evening there was a new victory for Heaven! Oh, God is so good and His love is so great for us people. Every evening the field fills up with thousands of people and the entire city knows what is happening here.

On Saturday a group of young people came into our hotel to make a video clip. A few recognized me from the campaign. Two of them asked me to pray for them right away. They wanted to make a choice for Jesus. The people are so open for the Gospel. The fields are truly ripe for harvesting!

Thank you for sending us, it truly changes the lives of people. What we see here is just the tip of the iceberg, because God continues to work deep in the hearts of people.

Saturday evening a beaming lady testified that she had had a vision of a white man. He told her that her problems were over. She had looked for a miracle for a long time, but had not found it. Saturday evening she felt the power of God go through her body and she was healed. She also shared how God had immediately restored her relationship with her husband. God is a loving Father!

Another woman shared how she had had back problems for the past 24 years, because she had fallen out of a tree. She was wearing a special brace to support her back. She was healed during the meeting and no longer needed the brace.

We are enjoying what God is doing. Sunday is the last day of the campaign; will you join us in prayer for a special last meeting?

I wish you all a good Sunday service in your home churches!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell

Day 3

A difficult area

We can really tell that the people here have a great hunger for God. They are so thankful for everything. It seems like the more the people appreciate what God is doing, the more He is able to do.

On Friday evening the crowd grew to far more than 20,000 people. That is such a victory for the city of Banfora. My good friend Michel, who is the leader of all of the Pentecostal churches in West- Africa, travelled to Banfora on Friday to see what God is doing here. He shared on the podium that what is happening here is extraordinary. He said: “This is one of our more difficult areas”. The churches are having a hard time here.

It is so great to be able to support the local churches in this way. I believe that the churches will grow and blossom after this week. During our conference we encourage them to believe and move into action. The fruit of this week will be visible for a long time.

There were many people who got saved on Friday night. A Muslim man was healed and he stood next to me on the podium and told everyone that God had healed him. When I asked him what the name was of the God who had healed him, he said: “Jesus! And I wish that all of you would be touched in the same way I have been” he continued.

Wow! It is so amazing being here! We have such a desire for a breakthrough in this city. Will you join us in prayer? Prayer for signs and wonders and that many people would accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell

Day 2

The keys to the city

When I was visiting the mayor on Wednesday, he said something very special: “I give you the keys to my city! If the local butcher or  baker were to say something like that, then you can wonder as to the value of such a statement, but when it is the mayor of the city, he obviously has the authority to say such things. We are not only welcome, but have been invited to go where ever we wish. The mayor gave his authority to us to be a blessing to his people. And that is exactly what is taking place here!

In Jesus’ time, entire cities would come out to see Him and we see the same thing taking place here. The pastors say: We have never seen anything like this before! On Thursday morning we started our leaders conference in the largest church in the city and it was already full. God is at work and we are co-laboring with Him. How cool is that?

After I shared the gospel on Thursday night, it seemed as if everyone on the field wanted to receive forgiveness of their sins. I felt as if God’s presence interrupted me multiple times. How awesome it is that He has said: even if you go to the ends of the Earth, I am there.

The gospel was once again confirmed with signs and wonders. Those who had been cripple were now dancing on the podium with their crutches raised high. A girl who had been blind for 6 years, was brought to the campaign by her mother. When we prayed together, Jesus opened her eyes! An old man could no longer sit up without assistance, but Thursday evening he was able to get up without any help at all and showed everyone!

It was an absolutely amazing evening! In the coming days I will preach the gospel more and more and invite the people to meet Jesus. Will you join us in prayer that the people will come, listen and believe?

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging responses!

David de Vos
and the team of Go and Tell


Day 1

Explosion of joy!

Dear Friends,

Our campaign started this past Wednesday night in Banfora with an explosion of joy and expectation.

Our cameraman described the evening as the best one up until now. Thousands of people were standing on the field, and when you realize that there are only 22 small churches in this city, then you know that many of the people standing here have never heard the gospel. It is such a privilege for us!

During the message there was a lot of noise, but when it was done, everyone responded: they want to know Jesus and receive forgiveness of sins. That is why we are here!

People danced on the podium for joy and testified of their miracle. My message was about the paralyzed man who had been healed by Jesus. Several people who had been paralyzed were also healed that night. There was a Muslim man who had been paralyzed for 21 years and was now able to walk again.

There was a lady there who was dancing. She was a nurse and many people in the city knew her. She had been ill and unable to work, but that night she was healed. Such tremendous joy!

Dear friends, thank you for your prayers! We truly need them. We are looking forward to all the things that God is going to do!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell