to share the gospel

A campaign is a large open air gathering, where you can come and listen to the Word of God. On average, a Go and Tell campaign lasts five days, as the message of the Gospel is shared every evening in a unique way. Visitors can get to know Jesus personally and choose to live life with Him. God often confirms His Word with signs and wonders during the campaigns.

There is also a conference that runs parallel to the campaign, that focuses on equipping and strengthening local leaders and believers. Every campaign is organized in close cooperation with the local church.


A campaign has such a great impact on the community, that nearly everyone will have heard (a part of) the gospel. There are personal testimonies, and lives changed forever. These things are the lasting effects of a campaign, that echo on long after we have left. Our partnership with the local church means that new believers receive adequate follow-up. Those who make a personal choice for Jesus also receive the booklet: “Your best choice ever”. This book was written by David de Vos, and talks about the choice that they have made and how to live a life of faith in a very practical sense.