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From best-day-ever to worst-day-ever 30 January 2018

Manasse, my youngest, went on field trip recently with his school to an amusement park. He was so excited about it! He had a big smile on his face as he waved to me from the bus, that was packed full. Joyce had just left for London for a few days, so I had the kids to myself at home all weekend. Great fun of course, even though my boys like to see how far they can go with me. Daddy always lets them do more than Mom!

Help! My jug is leaking! 06 December 2017

Recently I had a day in which I was upset with myself because I realized again I’m not perfect. Do you ever have that problem? That you run into stuff, things of which you thought: wait a minute, haven’t I already dealt with that? How is it possible that it keeps coming back? And that is followed immediately by the thought: see! I am not perfect! I am a failure! When I shared this with someone recently, he told me a beautiful story.

Learning how to ride a bike 04 August 2017

We have all been there: the beautiful moments, but also the tough times in life. We sometimes call them storms. One person will say they are “spiritual battles”, yet another will see them as just another aspect of life. I have discovered that everyone, at some point in their life, will go through storms. We aren’t the only ones though, Jesus also experienced storms. Literally! Yet He conquered them again and again and stood above them. I once heard someone say: “Jesus stood above the storms, because He didn’t let them in”. I thought that was so awesome!

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