The Bible passage about Peter’s release from prison is very encouraging for me. When we are in trouble, we pray. When we pray, God intervenes. And when God intervenes, we can hardly believe it and we start to reason. And when we do open the door, then the miracle (in this case: Peter) is standing on the doorstep to tell us what has happened.

Everyone in this story had their own part to play: Peter himself, the praying church, the angel who came to help, and the hand of God. But we often forget one thing. Just before Peter was released, someone else was thrown in prison. His story ended in a very different manner. You see, he was not set free by an angel, but was killed with the sword. I am talking about James, the brother of John…

When I think about his surviving family members, then I can totally imagine them feeling upset. Why was Peter released and James wasn’t? The answers that they were looking for, are the same answers that we look for in this life. I would love to be able to answer the questions we have…But the only thing I know, is that life is about so much more than what we can see.

When we think about losing our life, we often see this as the worst thing that can happen. Yet I believe that God sees it in a different light. For Him, death is the step from the earthly world to eternity; the place where He is waiting for us. Jesus said: “If you believe in Me, you will never see death, but have eternal life”. That is what you can long for as a child of God, something that you can hold on to. Are we no longer here? Then He will be there for us!