Do you know the story of Peter who was released from prison by the angel? When they had passed the guards, a great iron gate opened. I always call this the first “automated door” in history! Once outside, they walked down one more street and then the angel left Peter suddenly.

Pretty remarkable. I would say: “Angel, if you are going to free me anyway, why don’t you hang around for a bit longer? Then we can take a selfie and I will show the rest of the world that you have freed me!” Or: “If you walk with me to my church’s prayer meeting, then everyone can see you in real life!” But no, the angel disappeared. God had a different plan. A different route. He has his reasons to do things or not do them.

I believe that this story reminds us: There are things that God needs to do, but there are also things that WE need to do. God has given us responsibilities. Often, we pray for things that He is asking us to do. Prayers like “Lord, would You please do this…” and “Lord, would You please do that…”, when God is saying to us: “I have already asked YOU to do that”.

The story starts with something that is supernatural. Something only God can do: He freed Peter from the prison. But from that point forward God said: “Now you need to stand on your own two feet. You can do this!” I want to encourage you with that. Stand in the power that God has given you. He knows when He needs to help you and when you need to do what you need to do. Trust Him in that!