Peter is on death row. The night before he was to be executed, he was sleeping in the prison: between two guards and chained to them with his wrists. Pretty impressive, for who can sleep knowing they are about to die? Suddenly there is a great light: an angel! But Peter was sleeping so deeply(!) that he did not wake up. The angel needed to waken him!

When Peter woke up, the angel said: “Put on your belt and sandals. Wrap your cloak around you and follow me”. You could think there is nothing strange about this. Yet I believe that these details have meaning. Because why would it be so important when you escape from jail, that you put on your shoes and coat? I would say: “JUST GET OUT OF HERE! Run!” Who cares about those things?

In this story you see that Peter is literally imprisoned. Most of us are not in that situation, but we can be trapped in a mental prison. In those moments, the danger is that you forget who you are and why you are alive. Thoughts like: “Well, this is it!” or “This is the end of the road” can overwhelm you. Just like with Peter.

But in that very moment God said: “Peter, do not forget who you are and put on your cloak”.  A cloak also symbolizes identity: Who you are and what your job is. Shoes say something about where you are going: the willingness to share the gospel of Jesus. God was basically saying: “Peter, you are not done yet!”

Maybe you are in a mental prison and you think: Nothing will come of my dreams. I pray that God will appear to you and touch you. He is saying to you: “Come on! Put on your cloak! Put on your shoes! You are not done yet!”