When Peter escaped from prison with the help of an angel, he went to Mary’s house. A large group of people had gathered there to pray: “Oh Lord, do something! Free Peter!” After he had knocked on the door, the servant girl Rhoda came to the door. She was planning on opening it. But when she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so excited that she totally forgot to open the door.

She ran inside to tell the group that was praying. I can imagine how that must have happened: A hysterical woman interrupting the “holy gathering” in which all of the apostles are in prayer. She is flapping her hands and yelling:  “Guys, Peter is at the door!” Awkward, because this is how they responded: “You are out of your mind!” Yet she kept on insisting: “But it is true!” This too did not help. She was brushed aside with the words: “Then it must be his guardian angel!”

Keep in mind: This was the FIRST church! The perfect reflection of Jesus! Something of which we would say: That is how it was supposed to be done. And of course they prayed. They were good at that. But when the miracle was standing on their doorstep, they didn’t even dare to believe that it could be true. Could it be that they did not believe what they were praying for?

In this story, God used the servant girl of the group. Not a cool apostle, who said: “I just received a download from heaven, Peter is on his way over now”. No, the person from whom no one expected it, came running with the message. Our first response is often: That isn’t possible! Then we try to reason. But let us learn this from this story: It is important to believe what we are praying for.

Because, when the church does not believe what she is praying for and miracles still occur, then what is church that does believe what she is praying for, capable of?