Before Jesus came, John the Baptist was “THE MAN”. But when Jesus showed up, all of the attention was for Him. He started to change water to wine. Something that had never happened before. People came to John to listen to a good story and then they were baptized. But when Jesus showed up, restoration came. Suddenly miracles were taking place everywhere: the blind could see, the lame could walk, people with leprosy were healed. It was a revival!

You know what must have been the most painful for John? He was not allowed to participate in all of this. He was arrested, thrown in prison and then he was even beheaded. He literally gave his life for the gospel! When John was in prison and Jesus continued to bring the Kingdom (which comes with power, authority, and miracles!) John wondered: Is this the man I have done all of this for? And if that is the case, then why am I here? Why can’t I be a part of all this? Or at the very least, enjoy what is happening?

Do you too sometimes have the feeling that someone else goes before you? They are much better at something than you are? And you are left with the feeling: What is in it for me? John asked Jesus this question indirectly: Is it You? Do You remember me? And where I am at right now? Jesus answered him and told him of the miracles that were taking place and then He ended with the words: “Blessed is the man who is not offended because of Me.”

You know, sometimes the choices that Jesus makes can confuse us. Or even insult us. Do You no longer need me? Are You skipping me? But I want to encourage you: Do not be offended because of Him, but keep your eyes fixed on Him. He is with you and He sees you, no matter which circumstances you may be in!