Recently I had a day in which I was upset with myself because I realized again I’m not perfect. Do you ever have that problem? That you run into stuff, things of which you thought: wait a minute, haven’t I already dealt with that? How is it possible that it keeps coming back? And that is followed immediately by the thought: see! I am not perfect! I am a failure! When I shared this with someone recently, he told me a beautiful story:

There was once a man who served in the king’s palace. Every day he walked to the water pump to fill two jugs with water for the king. When the jugs were full, he placed them in a yoke that he carried on his shoulders. One jug on each side of him. This is how he carried the jugs of water to the king’s table.

One of the jugs was perfect. It had no cracks or damages, so all of the water that went in was delivered to the king. The other jug had a crack, so that only half of the water that went in, arrived at the king’s table. Somewhere between the pump and the palace, half of the water was lost. The cracked jug felt so bad about this, that he said to his carrier: “I am so sorry that I can only serve you for half of my potential! Look at me! Every time I arrive at the king’s table, I have lost half of my water! I wish I was whole, like the other jug!”.

The master responded: “I understand that you see it that way, and don’t think that your crack has gone unnoticed! It is because you are cracked, that I have made sure you will serve your purpose”. The jug answered: “What on earth are you talking about?” Then his master said: “From the moment I started to use you to collect water, I knew you would start to leak. I made use of that fact! Just look at the route we have taken every day. Along the path where you have been leaking water, I have placed seeds in the earth”. When the jug looked back, he saw a path that was full of beautiful flowers and plants. The water carrier said: “Every time you leaked water, it still brought forth fruit!”

This story really encouraged me! In spite of our brokenness, God can still use us. How cool is that! I hope that this story encourages you as well. The next time you feel bad that you are not perfect, then know that God sees your imperfection. He can use those imperfections for things you are not even aware of!