Pakistan 2020

Reaching 100,000 people again. Will you help?

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Welcome to the website of Go and Tell; a lively, dynamic organization, birthed in the heart of David de Vos. David and his team are building the dream that God placed in David’s heart at a young age: to bring as many people as possible to Jesus. To achieve this, Go and Tell organizes large events and campaigns, both locally and abroad. Go and Tell also uses podcasts, vodcasts and books to spread the message of Jesus all over the world. They have seen people’s lives radically changed. It is a tremendous privilege to do this work!

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A sea of people!

When I was sixteen years old I had a desire to share the gospel with large groups of people. I did not have an audience, so I spoke to the trees in the woods. Or I pretended that the sea I saw before me was actually made up of people. One day God spoke to my heart: “David, one day you will stand before a group of people that are as many as the trees of this forest.” I always kept those words in my heart, accompanied with the desire to bring as many people as possible to Jesus.

Today these words were literally fulfilled, when a great sea of people filled the field. I shared Jesus with my whole heart. And many, many thousands of people were saved.

My view of Pakistan has been permanently altered. God is doing a special work among the Muslims and the prayers for the persecuted Christians are being answered! How awesome to be a part of this. I am so incredibly proud of our whole team, but also of our financial and prayer supporters! We could never have done this without them.

Thankfully God is doing amazing things in our nation as well! He is the same God. I cannot wait to celebrate “Like Jesus” with thousands of teens on the 6th of October! We are now flying back to our safe homes. Thank you for all of your prayers, responses and support of this mission!

David de Vos



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follow-up booklets are distributed


people are reached in one meeting


podcast downloads take place