Campaign Reports

You can read the first campaign reports here. Be inspired by what God does during the campaigns!

Nigeria 01 September 2022

This past summer I was in Nigeria for two weeks. We felt very strongly that this was a move in the right direction. What we found there is truly phenomenal: a church – The Redeemed Christian Church of God – with millions of members in Lagos, Nigeria! They say there is a revival going on that has been taking place for years and that has reached many people.

Reaching 1 million people in Pakistan 29 April 2021

Just before our summer break I received a message from my friend, Anwar Fazal from Pakistan. It was a request that I return to Pakistan for a large campaign this coming September. In spite of it being short notice to get the funds together for this campaign, I knew right away that I must go. The open door in Pakistan is truly unique. During our previous trip we not only visited the church in Lahore, that has more than 30,000 members, but we also did a campaign which was attended by more than 200,000 visitors.

Pakistan 2021 23 April 2021

You could call it a miracle: meeting with so many people in this season. As we worked alongside the human rights minister and many local pastors, this campaign was a huge success. We are very grateful that we can share the story of Pakistan in the Netherlands and around the world. Thousands of people are finding Jesus: this is the result of the years of prayers for nations like Pakistan.

Campaign Burkina Faso 10 February 2021

This week we are in Burkina Faso. We are training 5,000 leaders and equipping them to share the gospel: It is a huge privilege in these times!

TV Outreach 03 November 2020

Exciting News! In spite of the fact that we are sometimes literally stuck in the circumstances, there is now an opportunity to “travel” the world with the most beautiful message of all time!

Ivory coast Abidjan 28 February 2020

It was in an extraordinary way that we ended up in the Ivorycoast a year ago. After we visited the city Daloa we are making our way to the capital city: Abidjan!

Campaign Ivory Coast 2020 26 February 2020

À partir de jeudi soir, jusqu’à dimanche soir, nous organisons une grande campagne à la place Figgayo (en face de cosmos), à Yopougon. Chaque soirée commence à 17:30 avec Sandrine Droubly, Emmanuel Bouoffo, Cynthia Zely, Mary Sy, Pasteur Guy.

Ivory coast Daloa 13 December 2019

We have the unique opportunity of organizing two campaigns in the Ivory Coast. The first one will be in Daloa (12th -15th of December). This is a city, which combined with the surrounding villages, has half a million inhabitants!

Pakistan 11 December 2019

We have been given an amazing opportunity! I am sure you have heard of Pakistan; the nation that is often in the news due to terrorism and political unrest.

Burkina Faso, Po 07 March 2019

We are far away from home. To us it feels like the middle of nowhere, but it is different for God. He knows this place and all of the people who live in this area. He even knows the hairs on their head! We had been asked years ago to come to Po, and now we are finally here. It is as if the people have been waiting for this moment. The attendance was enormous yesterday evening, overwhelming. Thousands of people came to listen and see the gospel in action.

Liberia 06 September 2018

This year Go and Tell is going to Liberia: one of the poorest nations in the world, founded by returning ex-slaves. A land with a terrible history and when we look at the current generation we can still see desperation in the eyes of the inhabitants.

Pakistan 15 June 2018

We have been given an amazing opportunity! I am sure you have heard of Pakistan; the nation that is often in the news due to terrorism and political unrest.