Being able to reach so many makes our heart beat faster!

Exciting News! In spite of the fact that we are sometimes literally stuck in the circumstances, there is now an opportunity to “travel” the world with the most beautiful message of all time!

Like many other organizations, we have been affected by the corona virus. That is the reason why you have not seen a specific request for help from us in recent months. But I don’t want to deny you this opportunity: a request has come from Pakistan to make an international television program. It will be a program that will reach literally millions of households through Isaac TV and Eternal Life TV. The funds raised for Pakistan at the beginning of this year will benefit its production.

As this opportunity arose, we received the same question from God TV: “Do you want to create a program, with which we can reach people worldwide who do not yet know Jesus?” I can only say that this is a TV outreach after our hearts! Everything is recorded in English, which is a new, challenging step for us. But when we think about being able to reach so many people, our hearts beat faster!

Our question is: do you want to help make this TV Outreach a reality? TOGETHER we will bring Jesus to places where His voice may be heard.

Thank you so much!

Yes, I help

TV Outreach

€ 32,620
van € 40,000