Pakistan 2018


25 September

A sea of people!

When I was sixteen years old I had a desire to share the gospel with large groups of people. I did not have an audience, so I spoke to the trees in the woods. Or I pretended that the sea I saw before me was actually made up of people.

One day God spoke to my heart: “David, one day you will stand before a group of people that are as many as the trees of this forest.” I always kept those words in my heart, accompanied with the desire to bring as many people as possible to Jesus.

Today these words were literally fulfilled, when a great sea of people filled the field. I shared Jesus with my whole heart. And many, many thousands of people were saved.

My view of Pakistan has been permanently altered. God is doing a special work among the Muslims and the prayers for the persecuted Christians are being answered! How awesome to be a part of this. I am so incredibly proud of our whole team, but also of our financial and prayer supporters! We could never have done this without them.

Thankfully God is doing amazing things in our nation as well! He is the same God. I cannot wait to celebrate “Like Jesus” with thousands of teens on the 6th of October! We are now flying back to our safe homes. Thank you for all of your prayers, responses and support of this mission!

David de Vos

17 September

It is difficult to describe what is happening here in Pakistan! A nation that has become familiar with terrorism and terrorist attacks, now is seeing a revival where literally thousands of people are getting saved. This meeting is a “normal” meeting that takes place during the week in the church that we are working with this week. Pastor Anwar Fazal is not only the pastor, but he is also an evangelist and conducts large meetings all over the nation. His TV channel reaches millions of homes in Pakistan and all over the world. Last night’s service was broadcasted live. This is a way for us to advertise the campaign, that takes place next Tuesday evening.

Yet persecution is not far. Four years ago 350 people perished in a terror attack, an entire church. Yesterday they asked me to share a message for the persecuted Christians and their families, on TV today. I feel literally small yet carried by God’s Spirit.
Thank you for all of your prayers! This is only the beginning!

Love, David and team


Open door to Pakistan

We have been given an amazing opportunity! I am sure you have heard of Pakistan; the nation that is often in the news due to terrorism and political unrest.

Pakistan is number 5 on the list right now; the list of nations where there is persecution of Christians, as registered by Open Doors. In spite of that fact, there are a lot of things taking place in Pakistan. Many people are getting saved, and as you can tell from the photo above, thousands of people gather to hear about Jesus.

Recently I met the people who organize these large campaigns. God is opening a door for us to go to Pakistan and organize a large evangelism campaign.

Not everyone can join us on the plane, but with your prayers and gifts for this campaign you will definitely be joining us in our travels! I am so grateful to all of the people who support us. Without their help we could not do what we do.

For every person we reach with the gospel we need 1 Euro and we have set a goal to reach 100,000 people. The teenagers that attended the Like Jesus celebration last year raised about 20,000 Euros for the coming campaign. Boys and girls, great job! Thank you! Our challenge is now to raise 80,000 Euros.

May I ask you to consider praying about what you could give towards the gospel?

Thank you so much and don’t forget: every Euro means we reach a person with the gospel!


Yes, I'm joining!

€ 79,554
van € 100,000