Day 5

What a finish!

The last night of the campaign was the busiest yet! The people’s response to the gospel of Jesus was overwhelming. It reminded me of a roaring ocean. There were beautiful testimonies of what Jesus had done, we have heard these the past few nights. We are sure we have not heard everything yet.

It was an amazing trip for every member of our team. It is hard to put into words, but God never skips our team. We too return home so blessed and enriched by the experience. Liberia is a nation that has been through a lot of difficulties, with a civil war and the Ebola crisis. When the devil oppresses a nation like that, then it has great potential for the future! We pray that God supports and builds up Liberia in the future.

In just a short while we will be home. We are looking forward to seeing our families again. We want to thank you for your prayers and support. We pray that more and more people will support this amazing work from their heart, so that more people can be reached!

Now let’s get home so we can set up the Christmas tree!

Loving greetings,

David & Joyce and the Go and Tell Team48383087_10157036139126757_4790467077255200768_n


Day 4

Miracles bring glory to God!

Yesterday was centered on God’s Spirit. We saw Him work in a wonderful way and received from Him! My father-in-law, Jaap, and my close friend Marcel and I have been teaching the past week at the leadership conference. This conference always runs parallel to the campaign. The teaching was good and powerful, but nothing goes above God’s own work in people. We witnessed so many people being touched by God. What a day! Thank you, Jesus!

We thoroughly enjoyed last night. God’s Spirit is a gift for everyone. It was amazing to see how thousands of people received that gift. Incredible miracles followed toward the end of the evening. An elderly man of 83 years picked up his chair and waved it in the air to prove that his arm had been healed and was working again! Another man was healed who had a blind eye and at the same time healed from terrible pain that he had experienced from scars on his chest. Yet another person testified that his deaf ear had opened. It was a true Jesus celebration!

Yesterday afternoon we were privileged to join several people in meeting the vice prime minister of the nation. She is a spirit filled lady, who supported our coming and campaign with everything she had. Together we prayed for her and this beautiful nation. We are looking forward to today: the grand finale! Will you join us in prayer that God will bring in the people Himself and we will see His Kingdom come once again?!

David de Vos & the Go and Tell Team




Day 3

There is power in unity!

As we move towards the weekend we are seeing more and more people come to listen to the gospel at the campaign field. Together we sing and celebrate God’s victory. Last night I spoke about the blood of Jesus. It is such a powerful subject, that always is linked to a spiritual battle. You can feel it in the atmosphere and I can feel it as I preach.

I was so touched to see how the people responded. Towards the end of the evening we all prayed in unity, hand in hand, for and with each other. It was such a powerful moment! Once again we heard amazing testimonies. There was a young lady, for example, that was healed after having had heart problems for 10 years. The past few days she had done a few checks to see if that really was the case.

There was another person who had been unable to squat due to an illness, yet last night he squatted on the podium! Effortlessly! His name was Davie, Papa Davie to be exact. Just a face in the crowd, but God picked him out and told him how valuable he is. Amongst all these thousands of people there are valuable individuals, each with their own story. That drives us to go again and again. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son!

Loving greetings from all of us, and thank you for your prayers, support, likes & shares.

David de Vos & the Go and Tell Team

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Day 2

Explosive joy!

Yesterday evening we were filled with explosive joy! Wow! There was an incredible atmosphere; we serve such a mighty God! The praise and worship was amazing. And God hears and responds to it!

Yesterday evening I was privileged to speak on the following verse:
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Our weaknesses do not scare God, on the contrary, He goes looking for them! He went looking for Adam after he had sinned, He found Elijah under the bush, Gideon in the winepress, the demon possessed man on the other side of the lake, the doubters on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus…and He is looking for you!

“Yes, Lord, heal my broken heart!” the people cried out. It was touching to see how God entered into the pain of so many and then ministered healing to them.

When it was time for miracles, an old man came dancing onto the stage. He had been paralyzed on one side of his body as the result of a stroke. Now he was dancing and singing for Jesus. I joined him in his happy dance and a huge celebration erupted!

I wish you were here! I keep thinking of all of our faithful supporters, those who give financially and uplift us in prayer. Thank you for what you are doing for the Kingdom!

See you tomorrow,

David de Vos and the Go and Tell Team

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Day 1

Joy unspeakable!

Dear Friends, last night the long-awaited campaign in Liberia finally started! You can tell this is a special one based on all the preparations. Both in the things that went well, as in the things that didn’t.

The way in which the door opened, is truly supernatural. One connection after the other just seemed to happen. And the way God provided financially for this campaign was amazing. We are literally here as guests of the vice prime minister of the nation, which means that Joyce and I are not allowed to travel without her security detail and an escort. We have never before experienced something like this!

At the same time, we have never before had so many setbacks in preparing a campaign before as this one. Our sound system was transported by Dutch heroes from Burkina Faso to Liberia. They were on the road for more than a month, after which they ended up having to leave the truck three hours outside of Monrovia, as it broke down. The equipment was brought into the capital city with the use of a crane, just in the nick of time. We are grateful for that!

So there I was last night, surrounded by our incredible team and the prayers of all those who support us. It was an amazing evening in which Jesus was glorified. The people’s response was fantastic! Large numbers of people came forward to give their heart to Jesus.

After we prayed for miracles we listened to several testimonies. The most touching one was that given by Priscilla: a lady who had been in the hospital for a long time and had not yet been healed. Last night Jesus touched her. Tears streamed over her cheeks while she cried out and sang: “I do not know why Jesus chose me”.

We have had the first meeting, but there is so much yet to come of this adventure! Please join us in prayer that we touch this city and nation with the message of Jesus. That everyone who needs Him so badly will come and see what is happening here and have their hearts touched!

Lots of love from Liberia!





december 2018

This year Go and Tell is going to Liberia: one of the poorest nations in the world, founded by returning ex-slaves. A land with a  terrible history and when we look at the current generation we can still see desperation in the eyes of the inhabitants.

That is not strange given the fact that the civil war did not end until 2003 and in 2013 the nation was struck by a deadly outbreak of Ebola. It is time for a new sound in Liberia! The sound of love, hope and salvation. We know how Jesus can change a life in a moment. We are very pleased to announce that this evangelism campaign has already been fully funded and we will be starting our journey in December of 2018.