Day 5

The keys to the city

When we arrived in Po, we were welcomed by the mayor and the traditional king. Both of them gave us the keys to the city yet were unaware that the other had also done so.

It is the highest form of authority that we can receive from the government. They said: “You can do what you want in our city, as you wish.” I think that one of the reasons why the campaign in Po was so successful, was due to their attitude.

The atmosphere was very relaxed Sunday evening. As if we could rest and see all that Jesus has done. The last time this week I threw out the net to bring in a great haul of fish. We pray that all the people who have come to know Jesus will follow Him, sooner or later.

The row of people waiting to give their testimony was quite impressive this evening. So many people came to testify of God’s power, and we give God all the glory!

Monday we started our journey home to our loved ones who were waiting for us. We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support for God and Tell. A big thank you to all of those who sent donations, you were standing at our side in Africa, but also on the second day of Easter that lays ahead of us, in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle for “Simply Jesus”.

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David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell


Day 4

The Holy Spirit is at work!

Today everything was about God’s Spirit. I am so pleased with the promise that He will always be with us. This morning I never did get around to preaching. People were spontaneously filled with the Holy Spirit, started to pray and praise God in large numbers.

This evening God’s Spirit also worked powerfully. It is awesome to be able to bring the message of hope, love and forgiveness in an atmosphere such as this. The field was filled with thousands of people from Po this evening. I do not think there is anyone left in Po who has not heard the Name of Jesus in the past few days.

The knowledge that this message also applies to me, touches me deeply time and again. What a mighty God we serve!

People testify that they are healed of skin diseases, eye problems, deliverance from demons, stomach problems and so much more.

At a distance it would seem like the miracles take place with much greater ease in Africa, but believe me, every night there is a battle taking place between light and darkness. I can sometimes feel it literally in my body. That is why we are so grateful for your prayers. Jesus has overcome!

We will follow His command. Go into the all the world, preach the gospel and heal the sick!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell


Day 3

Blind boy sees!

Today we started out with a special conference. Robert Bron, who organized the campaign here, spoke first. I was allowed to close the meeting. The presence of God was so intense. These meetings are very precious because we can speak heart to heart with the leaders.

The campaign had trouble getting started. The sound system failed us several times at crucial moments. But after this there was an open atmosphere to testify of God’s love and his truth from the Bible. Everyone around me accepted the invitation to receive Jesus. That is the most important part of these trips.

During the prayer for miracles chaos erupted once again. Everywhere people started doing what they previously were unable to do. The need in our world is so great and so many people are sick. The few testimonies that we heard show us a glimpse of the new world that is to come. It was the same this evening as well. The most touching story was a little 11-year-old boy who could not see, but Jesus healed him. He described a pen and its color, then he touched the tip of my nose and then he grabbed my tie.

Thank you for your support! We feel your prayers lifting us up.

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell


Day 2

Families restored! 

The campaign is in full swing in Po! This evening we had a lovely evening in the presence of Jesus! It never becomes boring when we see people and families restored. After thousands of people had cried out to Jesus, we prayed for miracles to take place. It did not take long before the first testimonies were being shared. Some were even from the night before.

What touched me most was the story of a man who came with his mother. His mother was an elderly lady who had been deaf for 3 years. He brought her to the meeting hoping for a miracle and then it happened! Together they came forward to share what Jesus had done.

During their testimony I noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the man. I asked him to close his eyes. Then I asked the crowd to reach out their hands to him. The love of God flowed like a river ! I couldn’t help but cry. God’s love for us is so intense!

I pray that when you read this, you too will experience his love up close and personal. I do not know what your challenges are.

Jesus said: I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Thank you for your responses, prayers and support!!!!

David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell


Day 1

Revival is in the air!

Dear Friends of Jesus!

We are far away from home. To us it feels like the middle of nowhere, but it is different for God. He knows this place and all of the people who live in this area. He even knows the hairs on their head!

We had been asked years ago to come to Po, and now we are finally here. It is as if the people have been waiting for this moment. The attendance was enormous yesterday evening, overwhelming. Thousands of people came to listen and see the gospel in action.

The square we are on has become the Jesus Square. There is so much joy, thankfulness and excited anticipation. I wish you could experience it.

Thousands of people said YES to Jesus last night for the first time. When we prayed for miracles, chaos broke out like I have only seen in our meetings in Africa. So many people received a miracle; there were groups of people waiting at the podium to testify. We could only hear a few testimonies because there were so many. There was a young man who had been paralyzed for 12 years, and he could now stand! Another person testified to have been paralyzed for 20 years and was now healed! Another lady had been bent over, but now she stood up straight and threw away her walking stick!

Wow, Jesus is Lord. The gospel is the testimony of the finished work of Jesus. We only share His story, but we enjoy it so much!

In closing I just want to share that I am so impressed, yet again, by the supporters of Go and Tell. We requested your help for this campaign and your response has been overwhelming! We are really so happy with you and proud of you. TOGETHER we will reach the world with the love of Jesus! (Donations for this trip are still welcome)

Thank you so much!

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David de Vos and the team of Go and Tell!



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