Welcome to the website of Go and Tell; a lively, dynamic organization, birthed in the heart of David de Vos. David and his team are building the dream that God placed in David’s heart at a young age: to bring as many people as possible to Jesus. To achieve this, Go and Tell organizes large events and campaigns, both locally and abroad. Go and Tell also uses podcasts, vodcasts and books to spread the message of Jesus all over the world. They have seen people’s lives radically changed. It is a tremendous privilege to do this work!

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About Go and Tell

Organizing large campaigns and events – where believers and unbelievers of all ages listen to the life changing message – is what makes the heart of Go and Tell beat. Go and Tell is focused on the masses, but does not lose sight of the individual, because with God, everyone is in the picture.

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Did you know that…


follow-up booklets are distributed


people are reached in one meeting


podcast downloads take place